Monday, January 5, 2009

"wet t-shirt contest..."

Saturday night...busy...I should've been getting my ass handed to me on the wok. Instead, my number came up in the cook to dishwasher lotto. Pretty sweet. I took the time to prepare. I made a dishdawg mix...came ready to relax. Possibly a bit too ready to relax. I was pretty fucking smug...busting out dishes, pots, worries, not a care. Then around 8 o'clock the bus tubs started coming back full force. I'm not saying I couldn't handle it, but I definitly had the attitude that if I could bang the line on a busy night, dish would be all cake-y. Maybe my age is really starting to catch up...I was feeling a bit beat up, but I made it through unscathed, none the less. I still got out before 1...and I definitely won the wet t-shirt contest! I'll take my chance to hang in dish whenever I'm needed, but keep me on the line where I feel at home. 

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