Friday, March 28, 2008

JM part one...

I still remember The first time I met him, an older smartly dressed african-american gentleman, it seems like only yesterday. He was a cool cat. A real 'lifer' type dishwasher. He had worked in some higher end places, and of course some dives. He had a ton of stories, and I enjoyed the slow times of the evening hearing about them all. He was a veteran and had a shit ton of stories about getting shot and drinking in foreign lands. (check later installments for the best drinking/suicide story I ever heard) His biggest downfall was that he hated the severs...I mean He fucking despised them! He could often be heard muttering something to the effect of "thesedamnkidsandIdon'tknowandtheydon'tlisten...I think the bane of his existence was the trash. It later became mine as I went a bit "medley". He couldn't understand why no one could figure out how to take out trash. He was a very organized man. One of the best dishwashers I ever worked with as far as cleaning goes. He did have a pen-chance for chatting a bit too much when we were actually busy though. I still remember listening to the radio. We listened to a lot of 100.7. His jam was "Rubber Band Man" and he fuckin got down when it came on! This was only the beginning, however, as chaos and "the trash" would drive him to his ultimate end.

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